Selling my 175cm Black Diamond Amperages since I scored some 116 Helios last season. These guys have probably been ski’d less than 20 days.

Bases are 7 or 8/10? I don't know, I’m bad at that scale. Few shallow scrapes that have mostly been filled or get filled with wax. Main “devalue” thing is one of the tips found a rock after it came off at Kirkwood. Sealed up with epoxy resin and never impacts how it skis. Oh and I miss measured one of the toe mounts (not a insert sized hole though) by 10cm, so that’s filled in completely with JB weld. Drilled for inserts of Vipecs (with the track centered) at -1.5 at a 310 BSL if I remember.

$200 without inserts
$220 with inserts. (Yeah I valued the inserts at basically MSRP, but if you are careful on instaLl and removal they’ll forever).

Would be down to trade for Vulcan or Mercury in 27, skimo style skis (that sub 80mm waist spandex silliness), avy packs, Vipecs or lightweight tech bindings (like Dynafit superlite), and ice screws.


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