CLOSET CLEANING – Golite, GSI, MLD, Underground Quilts

  1. MLD Exodus (Wasabi Green) – This pack is in 10/10 condition. Size Large torso. I used it for one overnighter before deciding I love my Seek Outside way too much. Price – $140 including Shipping. Pics –
  2. Golite Team Pack (Yellow) – Bought this off the swap years ago and also used it once, Its a size M so its too small for my torso. Also in 9.5/10 shape. Pics – Some information from BPL – Asking
  3. GSI Dualist Set – 8/10 condition. Missing the two utensils that originally came with the set. Asking $30 including Shipping.
  4. Underground Quilts – 0* Flight Jacket Top Quilt. – This quilt is about 2.5 yrs old and has been used approximately 20 times. This is a 10* quilt with 3 oz of overstuff (I think thats why they gave it the 0* rating on the bag). This bag is extremely warm and lofty. Plenty of life left in it. Weight is right around 20 oz. I believe. From the manufacturer – 10*F FLIGHT JACKET 50 WIDE 800GDD
    Item# 10-TQ-50-800 , LENGTH: 72L 15.62oz HyperDRY800GDD , INNER SHELL COLOR: M10 BURNT ORANGE , OUTER SHELL COLOR: HD1.0 COYOTE BROWN , OUTER SHELL COLOR: PLEASE SELECT ONLY ONE OUTER COLOR , FOOTBOX STYLE: FLAT SEWN , TAPER STYLE (FULL OR NO TAPER): full taper. Pics – Asking $180 with shipping. Brand new was approximately 300.