Gear Closet "Unloved" Sale

I've got a few items that aren't seeing the trail and are feelin' unloved. Time to send them to someone who will use them. Prices shown are Paypal'd and shipped. Shipping break on a multiple-item purchase...PM me! Top-to-Bottom, Left-to-Right: 1. 1 1/3 cup ridgeline cup with silicone "slap" pot holder and top (1.6oz)...$7 2. Aluminum pot-holder (1.6oz)...$3 3. Past Primitive stove w/ syringe/container/instructions/pot stand(Stove=.7oz, Whole pkg=2.5oz)...$15 4. Brasslite Turbo II-D stove (2.8oz)...$25 5. Brasslite Turbo I-D stove (1.9oz)...$18 6. Evernew alcohol stove with pot stand(1.8oz)...$50 7. Small ridgeline organizer (glow-type zipper pull)(.9oz)...$7


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