FS: Western Mountaineering Lynx MF 6'6" $275 shipped

US$275 (price drop from US$300) including shipping to the USA or within Canada and I will cover the PayPal fees. The bag will be sent lightly compressed in the storage bag in a large box.

The print on the tag is worn off but this is definitely the 6'6" model. I am 6'6" tall and it fits me perfectly.

Includes original storage bag and stuff sack.

I bought this bag on Mountain Project from the original owner in November 2012. I washed it once (when I received it) and it has always been stored in the storage bag and allowed to air out after every use. I have slept in it less than 10 nights. When I received it, the bag had a small hole on the bottom close to the footbox that was covered with a glob of Seam Grip and a piece of clear tape (the original owner did not tell me about this flaw when I bought it). I removed the tape and Seam Grip. The hole was about the size of the end of a pencil eraser but I made it a bit bigger (about the size of a dime) when I cut off a bit of Seam Grip that I couldn't pull off by hand. I covered the hole with a large piece of Tenacious Tape with an extra piece of backing covering the hole to ensure no feathers would stick to the Tenacious Tape. At the same time, I covered another very tiny hole (about the size of the tip of a pencil) on the footbox with Tenacious Tape as well. Otherwise, the bag shows minor/general signs of use but no other damage/flaws. You can see fine strands of down fluff along the zipper stitching in the last photo.

With all that said, in anticipation of selling it, I recently weighed the bag on a very accurate scale only to find that it weighs less than the advertised specs. It weighs 1390 grams (3lbs 1oz) whereas Western Mountaineering advertises the 6'6" version weighing 1500 grams (3lbs 5ozs). When I received the bag I did notice that a couple of the baffles on the bottom of the bag felt as though they had less down in them compared to others but I never really thought anything of it. I contacted Western Mountaineering a couple of weeks ago to see if this is considered a "warranty" issue and they said I can send it in and, if it is indeed underweight according to their scale, they would add down for free to bring it back up to 1500 grams. I can forward those emails and the return form to anyone who buys the bag if they want to take up the offer.

The bag still has excellent loft (I measured 10" at the foot, 9.5" at the upper chest and 8.5" in the middle) and I have comfortably slept in this bag without a tent/tarp at an air temperature of 5 degrees Fahrenheit plus an additional windchill. That is the coldest air temperature I have used it at so I can't say for sure if you could sleep comfortably down to the advertised -10 degrees Fahrenheit without having the fill weight brought back up to specs.


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