FS: Equinox Ultralight Extension Poncho and Mantis Bug Screen...both like new....

Reduced 6/30/14 to $75 shipped CONUS for the combo, both items with original stuff sacks

Rain gear and shelter with bug protection for 14 ounces!
Poncho/tarp is the longer version with the extension to be worn with backpack, 9.6 ounces, 58" x 104"

Just like this one, but in person it is a darker grey/blue:...set up one night as shelter, never wet...


And this Bug screen:

And this is the bug screen:


Here is the one time I set up the poncho as tarp for test set up: didn't set up the bug screen:

Really just set it up a couple times while dabbling with poncho/tarp sleep system....staying with SMD Trekker tent....


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