Well Loved Kitchen Gear

Cleaning out the kitchen gear over the years of experimentation. Well loved so cheap for you but still in goodworking order. Just tired of it taking up space and maybe will fill some spots for anyone just starting out and needing some cheap fill ins. Maybe you've always wanted to try cooking with wood but not ready to drop the cash on a solo or bushbuddy. All prices have $5 added to cover shipping to anywhere via USPS First Class. If you would like priority just add 5 bucks and mention it in our conversation. Paypal only please so everyone's covered.

Original Littlbug Stove. This is not the current version, but the first incarnation. It used to come with a slide in simmer type deal. I generally never took it with. Comes with the nylon pouch. $30

Snow Peak Cook and Save Titanium Pot. 2L capacity. Around 8 oz. Used on probably 6 or 7 trips. $3O

Brasslite TrailBaker. Never used. The ambition was strong, follow through pathetic. $15

Bakepaker UltraLight. Never Used 5 3/4" diameter fits 6" diameter or larger cook-pots. Weighs 4 oz. Bakes up to 1 1/2 cup dry mix. Again looks great on paper and I'm just a lazy bastard in the back country. $15

PIF: Foster Beer Can Esbit Stove/Pot deal. A pay it forward from here a couple of years ago. I've never been able to get
minimalistic to use it. So I'll pay it forward to anybody that's into the whole beer pot/esbit lifestyle. PIF

Evernew Titanium Frypan 20 cm. Some wear on the non stick from many a backcountry fish fry. 5.5 oz. $25

Snow Peak Titanium Plates. Only used on a couple of trips. $20 for the pair.

Trangia 27-5 UL Stove Kit Non Stick. A little heavy for here but I used this for my lightweight paddling rig. So some people really like them. Actual stove was accidently used with white gas when a friend mixed up an fuel bottle so it's a bit blackened but functions just fine. However I'll let it go cheap so even if you want to replace the stove you're still at roughly half the price of a new setup. $35