Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker Asym Classic

After careful study, I have determined that I need a longer hammock, and so I am offering an Ultralite Backpacker Asym Classic for $195.00 plus shipping (see below). This hammock has never been used in the field, and has been set up for backyard testing only two or three times. I am offering the complete package: hammock, rain fly, straps (1"x42"), snake skins - and, yes, the original stuff sack! The only modification is a piece of duct tape wrapped around one of the suspension lines to mark the head end. Shipping: Domestic - USPS Small Flat Rate Box ($5.95). If the gear will not comfortably fit that box, I will pay the additional postage for any larger packaging. International - This is a possibility, as my wife gets a very good discount from Fedex; however, getting the exact cost will require coordinating my schedule with hers, which might take up to a week. Let's use Paypal.


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