For sale: Kilter Board Original (8x12) holds, Baltic Birch panels with kickboard, and wall framing.

The Kilter holds are in good condition, climbed on for less than 3 years, only by me. Some holds have shoe rubber marks. 209 bolt-on holds and 102 screw-on holds, with all needed bolts and screws.

The main panels are made from high quality Baltic Birch plywood with polyurethane finish. They are drilled to Kilter spec with 600+ holes for bolts and LEDs, and the 200+ screw-in T-nuts are already installed.

The frame is designed for a fixed 35 degree angle with a 1 foot kickboard. The components (kickboard base, wall joists) are disassembled. If you are handy you could rebuild the whole thing with minimal fuss.

NOT included are the LED lights (I'm using them for my new wall). You can buy an LED kit directly from Aurora Climbing for ~$2k.

If you need help rebuilding the wall frame or want to build an entirely new one, I can highly recommend Kevin Stricker, who built the wall for me. His website is


Asking $6,000 for everything (all holds, panels, and framing). If you were to buy this setup new it would cost you ~$10-11k (without lights). Breakdown: Holds $6-7k, comparable panels & frame from a wall company (e.g. Onsite) = $3-4k. So this is around a 40% discount.


Local pickup in the Denver area is preferred.

PM me if interested! Locking the thread to replies.