FS - BD #5 and #6 ($130 shipped together as a family)

The time has come to say goodbye to a couple of my larger BD buddies. They're in good condition, lightly used, and might make a good gift for your spouse or newborn child. I probably used them each four times over the last few years. The rest of the time they've been appropriately stored, with no funny business. They've been occasional stalwart partners, but I just bought the newer models and need to make a dent in the credit card bill before Netflix raises their prices.

The #6 has a 2014 sling date. The #5 doesn't have a sling date, but would have expected/sworn I bought them at the same time. I hope they make your offwidth dreams come true. Or at least your ability to push a big cam up something fat.

I'd really like to unload them together, but I know how it goes:

Together = $130 shipped
#5 = $60 shipped
#6 = $75 shipped