Ice Screws, Grivel twin gates, Scarpa Gea RS, Arc'teryx W Atom, Gaiters, DMM SnowFluke, Pata Ski Pants, Absolute Mitts, Heated Socks, Pulleys,

Venmo or paypal. Shipping additional. Happy to make a deal for multiple purchases.

$100. Womens Patagonia Primo Pants XS - Very Good condition. Small scuffs (pics) on crampon patch. 3L Goretex

$50. Hotronic Heat Sock Classic - M - Brand new in open box. No batteries!

$15. ExOfficio Ultralight Pants - Mens 30 - Brand new w/o tags

$65. Mountain Hardwear Absolute Mitts - S - Excellent condition. No flaws.

$20. DMM Deadman - Excellent Condition

$20. Paramo Gaiters, Small - Very Good condition. Cord attached to hold them under your boot.

$100. Arc'teryx Atom, W Small - Green. Good shape. No stains or nicks. Older generation

$10 Each. CMI/BD Pulleys. Multihook is free with other purchase. 

$10. Grivel Clepsydra L K10G (orange)- Anodization worn off. No grooving.

$10. Grivel Sigma K8G (Red)- Anodization worn off. No grooving on rope surface. Gouging on opposite end. Still functional for use as draw, master point, etc.

$5 each. Climbing Technology Berry x2- Very light use, nearly new.

$5 each. Fixe 80cm Dyneema Slings x2- Used less than 15x. Mostly sat in storage last 3 years. Bought new.

$30. Camp Rocket 4x13cm and Petzl Laser Speed 1x10cm, 4x17cm, 1x21cm - ~30 days of use. Tips touched up to be sharp and drive fast. Camp handles sometimes flop open.

$45. Petzl Laser Speed Light 21cm  - ~30 days of use. Still Sharp.

$40. Camp Rocket XS 7cm - Placed less than 10 times. Factory Sharp.

$400. Scarpa Gea RS Mondo 23 - ~15 days of use. Great condition.

*SOLD* $55. Patagonia Alpine Houdini, Mens M

*SOLD* $20. BD Transition XS - NWT

*SOLD* $100. W Patagonia Nano Air Jacket XL

**SOLD**$65. Camp Stalker

**SOLD**$300. Petzl Quarks

***SOLD***$30. OR Goretex Gaiters, Large

***SOLD***$390. Marmot Col -20

**SOLD***$25eac, 2 for $45. Patagonia Baggies, 7", Mens S

***SOLD**$100. BD Snaggletooth Crampons

***SOLD***$110. Petzl Sum'tec Adze

***SOLD***$25 each. DMM Revolver Wiregate x2