FS Gear Closet Spring Cleaning - DMM Offsets, Wallnuts, BD Biners, CAMP Photon Wires, Rack Packs, Peztl Oscillante, Mega Jul, WM Alpinlite, WM Puma GWS, and more!

I will either cover shipping or we'll split it depending on what you buy and where it's going. Open to offers.

DMM Alloy Offsets #7-11 - $50 (Excellent)

DMM Wallnuts #1-11 - $90 (Excellent except #8 is WC Rock Nut)

BD Oval Wire - $5 each (Excellent)

Wild Country Pro Key w/ Leash - $15 (Like new, Pristine)

BD Neutrino Rack Pack - $30 (Like New, Pristine)

CAMP Photon Wire Rack Pack - $36 (Like New, Pristine)

CAMP Photon Wire Carabiner - $6 each (Like New, Pristine)

BD Rocklock Screwgate Carabiner - $10 each or both $18 (New)

Petzl Oscillante Pulley - $15 (New)

Edelrid Mega Jul - $30 (Never Used - been carrying it around with my other climbing gear so it has a little scuff mark)