FS: Men's Sleeping Bags - REI Magma 10, Sierra Designs Cloud 20

Hi all! Changing out my kit a bit and have two sleeping bags for sale:

REI Magma 10, Men's Long - $240 [32.0oz]

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Outdoorgearlab Review:  outdoorgearlab.com/reviews/…

I cannot say enough good things about this bag. This is one of the lightest, and smallest packed size, bags at this temp rating. It's the older version of the Magma 15 - while I have no direct experience with the newer 15, every review I've read mentions that the Magma 10 had a higher standard of construction, stitching, etc. It also has a 6F lower limit/comfort rating (10/22F vs 16/28F), which I've found to be accurate. I've used this for winter camping down to about 5F with the addition of down pants and jacket and was still comfortable. It obviously depends on how hot/cold you personally run, but I've found that camping at the 22 comfort rating in this bag with just shorts and a t-shirt was no problem.

Only selling because I just picked up a used WM UltraLite that I'm super excited to get out and try. I've really babied this guy and although it has seen quite a bit of use, you'll truly be hard pressed to tell it from brand new. No holes, stains, odors, etc. Still lofts up really nicely and quickly. ALWAYS stored uncompressed when not in use - comes with mesh storage bag.

Sierra Designs Cloud 20, Men's Regular - $140 [32.2oz]

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Specs:  sierradesigns.com/cloud-20/

Outdoorgearlab Review:  outdoorgearlab.com/reviews/…

Picked this one up because I wanted something for warmer temps that the Magma above wasn't necessary for. I was also curious to try out the zipper-less design. It is absolutely the most comfortable sleeping bag I've ever used. If you're looking for ultralight weight savings, this is not the bag for you. But for trips where comfort is a higher priority than the absolute lightest weight possible, this bag is fantastic. Really feels comparable to sleeping with the comforter on my bed at home. I also really like the 'foot hole' to be able to dump heat when it's warm out. I will say that I think the 15/26F EN limit/comfort ratings for this bag are...generous. Personally, I'd say its closer to something like a 22/34F limit/comfort bag. I’d personally be willing to push this bag to just above freezing comfortably, but I wouldn’t want to try it out in anything at freezing or below.

This bag has only been used twice, really just to test it out. As with the Magma above, you'll find this to look the same as new, just save some $$. No holes, stains, odors, etc. Always stored uncompressed, and comes with both the stuff sack and mesh storage bag.

Selling to purchase the 35 version - I'd like a bit more of a temperature difference between my new WM bag and my warmer-weather bag.

Only bought on here, never sold, but have lots of references on Reddit and eBay if needed! Any questions just let me know.


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