FS: Prana Zion ~30x30, Patagonia sunshirt men's M

Shipping included in all prices. PayPal for payment, type up to you, but you'll need to cover G&S fees if applicable. Send me a message with questions/for more pictures/etc.

Prana Stretch Zion V1 (older/better version), size Small x 30. This is equivalent to 30x30 or 31x30. Has a few small spot stains but otherwise in good shape. $35 shipped.

Patagonia sunshirt. Unknown model, SPF 50, has thumb loops. Men's medium. $35 shipped.

SOLD! Creag climbing shorts. Purchased during the big clearance sale that was happening a while back, decided they weren't for me. Size medium, NWT. $30 shipped. SOLD!

SOLD! Outdoor Research Splitter crack gloves. Lightly used, in good shape. Size S/M. $18 shipped. SOLD!

Since nobody has claimed these on the for free thread, reposting here:

Claimed! Pair of battery operated (they take CR2032s, lights themselves are not rechargeable) bike lights up for grabs. Each has a solid color and flashing mode. Generally wouldn't recommend using the white one as a headlight meant for seeing what's in front of you (very well, at least), as it is not really bright or focused enough. It's barely passable as a headlight, and is really mostly good for others seeing you.  Free shipping! If you can easily afford some new lights, please leave these for someone else. Ride safe! :)


Random things that I’m looking for at the moment (could trade any of the above and make up the difference with $, or just buy normally):

Patagonia nano air light hybrid hoody, Men’s S

Hardshell for ice climbing, no particular model in mind yet, Men’s S

Size medium micro spikes