Arc Alpha AR shell, Crampons $40, BD Stainless crampons, 2 set of Petzl ICE picks, 1 set Petzl DRY picks, Beal Birdie, Petzl Shunt, BD pants

  • Petzl ICE picks - one set is brand new, one set has seen a few routes in the mountains but never been filed. $85 for the SET of new picks, $60 for the lightly used set (I am happy sharpen before shipping if you prefer). These are $65 each new. FYI I'm only planning to sell one set, not both. (these are in 2nd photo)
  • Petzl DRY picks - most used, filed back 1 tooth, great beater picks, or just keep using them for routes in the mountains like I was. $40 for the SET. (these are in 1st photo with the Shunt and Birdie) - climbed some ice with them this past weekend on Sum'Tecs - these are still climbing quite well.
  • Charlet Moser 12 pt strap crampons - points never filed, in great shape. $40
  • BD Sabertooth Crampons - stainless version, fully automatic, photo pending, never sharpened and barely used. With anti-bots. $80
  • Beal Birdie - light use, $40

  • Petzl Shunt - light use, $20

  • BD wind pants: Size medium waist. I let out the hem and sewed in a false hem to gain some length. Accordingly, I would consider the size medium tall. Elastic waist band. 250g on my luggage scale. $30+ shipping
  • EMS Rain pants. Medium tall. Excellent shape. 7/8th side zips. One repair on the bottom left hem, this is so low it doesn't affect the waterproofing function of the pants. Worn for a 6000m peak ascent because they are so light and windproof. $35 + shipping
  • Both pants for $65 shipped.

  • Arc'teryx Alpha AR, blue, size Mens Large - light use, no holes or tears, zippers work flawlessly. This is several years old when they still had better DWR and the Hemlock pads to keep it tucked under a harness. $280


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