FS: BD offset Z4 0.2/0.3, WC #4, Arc’teryx arakys approach shoes, Patagonia Micropuff jacket, Edelweiss 7.9mm x 60m rope

Y’all want to get on that Chouinard legacy train? Wish you could send as hard as old Yvon did at his “do everything at 80%” rule? Well, you probably won’t, and I can’t either, but we can at least get a whiff of his legacy, or as much of a whiff as La Croix has flavour. And I bet you’re thirsty... for the send.

Still, this stuff is good, and it’s good for climbing. Just like La Croix, but also you’re getting a better deal than whisper-flavour canned soda stream. Plug some cracks with the default guidebook rack pieces, and stay cozy with the layers loved by all the Big Names (ever heard of Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll? His is purple, and carries his other six names). So check out my stuff and shoot me an email if you’re interested.



Rope! Submit to your N+1 rope needs! Edelweiss 7.9mm Helium half/twin rope, 60m length, superultradoublemega-dry. I never used this, it's v slick and new and nice. $80 + $15 shipping



Black Diamond offset cams 0.2/0.3! Why do I have these?? Well I misordered and now I can’t return them, and I already have Totems (totems fo’ lyfe) so my mistake is your savings. Save me from ever greater rack+1 addiction! $55/ea, one sold 
Wild Country Friend 4  wow so extension, such fist sized crack $80

SHOES OMG SHOES let’s get some shoes, kind of like these ultra shiny new Arc’teryx Arakys approach shoes, size 42.5 / 9. Maybe you’re into #techwear, and want to stunt on some gumbies while on the way to the crag; grab this deadstock colourway and crush them! $125

Jacket! Patagonia micropuff jacket, azure blue, men’s small. Repaired by Patagonia at one point in a matching patch colour. Wow it blocks the wind so well, and acts like down, except you can breathe moistly on it. Or rain, even. Wow! $75

Shipping (generally) included in prices, I only take PayPal (you pay +4.5% for buyer protection or free solo the Friends & Family route), and I ship within 48hrs and message you a pic of the receipt. Love notes in the box for an additional 2$. Negging notes for 5$. An actual kiss blown from my lips into an envelope, 26$ plus taxes.


SOLD Edelrid Slash Quickdraws!! These are in amazing shape; a rescue from the sports-we-dont-do-anymore bin at my cousin’s house, and I’ll pass the savings on to you! Action on the gates is perfect, no dirt or grime to speak of, and extremely low wear and tear on both bolt and rope sides. $8/ea plus 5$ shipping, or $50 total for all six. Even if you bin the bones and put in your own, it’s less that a fiver per key-nose carabiner. Wow!

SOLD I have a retro item here, an Integral Designs alpine bivy. A really cool Canadian company that unfortunately folded in the early 00’s, they made this bivy from a material similar to ToddTex, the breathable single layer material in BD Eldorado tents. Fits tall, with enough space to stash all of your gear at either foot or head. No damage, no odours, no mold; it’s like new. Blue and gold! Is $75 a fair price? I have to ship for $10 so let’s make a deal. Cat might be included, he’s a jerk.

SOLD Petzl Grigri, the model called GriGri 2. Some use, good condition. I might post pics if it doesn't immediately sell like my other stuff does. Has a rack-mark in nail polish, otherwise grey. 8.9-11mm ropes. It's in better condition than that other one recently, so if that was excellent then this one is celestial in its quality. $65 inc. shipping.

SOLD! Blue Ice Cuesta harness, unisex small. Its like the BD Solution harness but lighter, more comfortable, better in every way, and you won’t match a third of the crag any more. I wore this in the gym once but I don’t like as much as my other harness! Maybe you’ll like it! There’s literally nothing wrong with it but I’m picky! $50

SOLD Therm-a-rest NeoAir Xlite size regular, never used. It’s an ultralight yellow sleeping pad, you knooooow you want it. $150 and I’ll pre-load it with a bedtime story.

SOLD Petzl ProTraxion, wow big load, such haul. This is New In Box, and I’ll ship it to you in the box too (wow), so you can live-laugh-love your dreams of hauling huge loads up some godforsaken aid route with +3% greater efficiency than ever before. Oh and it’s the new model. How does a flat $100 sound? Oh hell yeah.

SOLD Arc’teryx Fortrez hoody in men’s small, black. $75!! It has the ninja mask, the thumb loopies, the teeny pocket — everything you need to sneak up on those unsuspecting alpine climbs. I was unable to get a picture of this stealthy creature, but trust me, I can definitely package it up for you

SOLD Maybe some aid gear? Too tired to climb, try seconding on jugs! That’s why it’s called jugging up (probably), and blue goes with everything. Petzl ascender right,  never used but racked a few times, $60 $50 $45 to your meaty, tired hands (or to your follower, if you’re setting someone else up for success).

SOLD For clothing, I have a 8/10 condition Atom LT from everyone's favourite once-Canadian-but-now-Chinese-investment-firm company, Dead Bird Arc'teryx!! Very slight discoloration on the pull tab, otherwise excellent condition, size men's Small. $165 $150 to your door and your hi-vis wearing pleasure.

SOLD First, some nice gear. Does lightening your ice rack sound good? I bet it does; soften that gruelling uphill approach a slight amount. I have two Petzl Laser Speed Light screws available, in 13cm and 17cm length. Take them both for $120 $100 shipped to your door! Oooh shiny, they’re even the new three-tooth style.

SOLD Like some new with tags DMM Halfnuts! The latest ultralight micronuts to rack and forget about when cranking on some horrible pin scar and wishing you had some high quality micronuts — oh wait you do! Ah shit you just whipped. Well, you can place them on your next burn. Price is $90 $70 and I’ll even bless them with the spirit of the Rockies for extra holding power.

SOLD Another cool Arc'teryx piece here, this one is the ultralight, ultracool, GTX ShakeDry (dang its so waterproof) Norvan SL hooded running jacket, size small. Guys, its so waterproof, and so breathable, it's like a GoreTex angel is giving you a big all-over kiss -- except in a good way and not in the creepy way that I wrote it. Nice brim on the hood, too. It is delicate though! I should know, I patched a pinhole and small snag on the upper left arm. No full penetration; just the tip. $125

SOLD First up is a DAS Belay Parka men’s medium. THE LEGEND RETURNS. Bone-chilling bivy? North face of the ass-end of all nowhere, day three of seven? Ouray ice festival? Grocery run? Well, this has got you covered. Oh and you can belay toasty warm and comfy even in mucky PNW rain or Fitz Roy spindrift. New without tags, SOLD @325$ shipped.

SOLD Second up is an R1 Pullover Hoody. Men’s small in blue, so dang blue. If you don’t have one by now, this is your chance; hop on this wagon, my dude, it’s soooo thermoregulated. This one is like, “woah, did you even wear this?” mint condition, 10/10, and the kind of blue that the big guns wear on their send days to make sure the camera can get a good colour pull. It’ll look totally sweet on your ‘gram. Center zip, full weight top to bottom, and the nice new vertical thumb slits in the cuff. Get in this hot slice of fleece for 90 80 usd shipped.

SOLD I have a Nano Air Hoody, men’s medium in the perennial Forge Gray colour. But damn dude, check out that hot orange interior! Definitely will keep you 2 degrees warmer than a different colour tone, I mean, just look at it! I got this at a swap meet but then immediately got another mid layer, so this one can mosey on into your closet with it’s cozy sunset colours. You pay what I paid, plus $5 for shipping inc., for 80USD. Condition is 7/10 used with some pilling on one spot on the interior, but there are no tears and no weird sweat stains, and the insulation is still nice and floofy. Also it’s clean, unlike the clothes in the dusty Subaru you live in half the year. Think of buying this like doing your laundry, because at least now you have something clean.

SOLD I’ve got two Black Diamond cams, 0.75 and 1, brand new. So damn new they’ve still got their umbilical tags on, and one hasn’t even been exposed to oxygen. Buy it, pop that bag, and get a whiff of the original factory air; it’s like nothing else, man. Both come with matched racking carabiners, also BD because that’s how we roll. They’ll look great on your Solution harness over your TC Pros. These hot little pieces of pro are 60 for the green, 55 for the red, or 110USD for both.

(Sold item pics deleted)