Want All Kinds of Miscellaneous Gear (Take a Look!)

I could make a gazillion threads or just consolidate all of my gear fancies into this one post for the time being. Things I’m looking to buy include: tricams, a pair of ascenders, yates adjustable daisies, a good deal of cheap carabiners, some lockers, a fifi hook, nut tool, cam hooks, skyhooks, single and double length slings, a #1 C4 cam, beaks, other pitons, a hammer, DMM peenuts, larger offset nuts, and some leather fingerless gloves.

I will say, I am a cheap (just broke, really) bastard and am likely not looking to buy your shiny gear marked down five percent from retail price. I prefer my used MP forum gear with a little character, that is to say, in decent to approaching slight-eyebrow-raise condition, so that I may score some kind of deal, if you will. Rock on and hit me up with what you got!