Closet Cleaning: BD Firstlight, OR Rain Mitts, GoLite Reed, Kookabay DAM

Time to make room for new stuff:

BD Firstlight Tent w. vestibule - $330 shipped in CONUS
This was going to be my new alpine tent when my BD Lighthouse died but my climbing habits changed and I ended up getting an ID MK2 Lite instead. I set it up once in my backyard to make sure all the parts were there. Never slept in, hasn’t been seam-sealed, never seen weather or sun. Also comes w. brand new vestibule. I would return it to wherever I bought it from but for the life of me I can’t find a receipt or order confirmation anywhere in my email. I think I bought it in late 2012 or early 2013. It’s the new Nano fabric in the light green color they call Wasabi. If you’re in the market for a Firstlight this is a steal for both the tent and vestibule

BD LightHouse fibraplex carbon fiber tent poles - $115 shipped in CONUS
After years of use my BD Lighthouse ripped and at the time I didn’t think about trying warranty replacement. I got my money’s worth out of it and I was eager to try out the new Nano fabric anyways which was not available in the discontinued Lighthouse model. Surviving the tent are the Fibraplex pole set weighing in at 9.2 oz on my scale. Poles are in great shape, no cracks or splits on ends.

Marmot Ether Driclime Jacket (2013) Men's M - $65 shipped in CONUS
It is basically the Dri-Clime Windshirt but with a hood and hand warmer pockets. Black in color, Medium in size. Lightly used/carried on maybe a handful of dayhikes until I decided I really wanted to go back to something without a hood. 8.7oz

GoLite Reed Pants – Women’s M – $45 shipped in CONUS
New with tags, color black (or "Night" as the tags say). Bought for my wife but she likes her Marmot Precip too much. Near as I can tell they weigh 3.9oz (there is a rather large set of tags attached)

Outdoor Research Goretex Rain Mitts – Size L Royal Blue - $25 shipped in CONUS
Another purchase that seemed cool at the time but I don’t think I’ll ever use these. Brand new, never used or even carried in my pack. They appear to be factory taped on the inside and weigh 1.3oz for the pair

Kookabay Custom Down Air Mattress R6 - $85 shipped in CONUS
It weighs 19.1 oz. Tapered, 6’ long, dark blue, very warm. Looks to be 20” at the shoulders and tapers down to 14” at the feet. 2.5” high when inflated. I used it for a couple of nights of snow camping and decided I was too lazy for an air mattress that had to be pumped with a sack. I’ll throw in the Big Agnes pumphouse sack I purchased esp. for this air mattress.