FS: Zpacks Arc Haul 62L Backpack

I have a few items for sale:

Thermarest regular length, I have two of these. I got them both used on this forum, I can’t remember but they appear to have 1-2 dozen nights of use. I have not used them, only tested for leaks (none). No patches. 353 & 347 grams without stuff sacks. It seems like like they are slightly different generations, one fabric is more opaque than the other (it is the lighter one). The more transparent orange one smells a little like there was moisture on it once, but I can’t find any mold or stuff on the fabric. They both come with original stuff sacks. Asking $60 shipped each. SOLD

62L in medium torso, small belt. I think it is a 2018, in slate blue. I bought it used here slightly used, but have never used it. It looks pretty clean, no dirt, like maybe <1 dozen days use? There are no issues (no tears or rips). It comes with a Zpacks lumbar pad, 2 belt pouches (1 DCF 1 gridstop), 1 DCF multi-pack (new), and 1 DCF stick-on key zip pouch (new, never installed). I’m having a hard time weighing it but it is somewhere between 680-725g with the two belt pouches mounted depending on how I precariously balance it on the scale. The website states 644 grams pack only and belt pouches are about 19g each so that is in the ballpark. Asking $270 shipped.


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