FS: Zpacks Triplex

Zpacks Triplex Drab Olive $450.00. Please excuse the multiple posts I can not figure how to attach multiple pictures to one post.

I bought this tent last year on this forum from another user for $535.00 who claimed this tent was in excellent condition with little use. The condition and the amount of use was misrepresented. I would say this tent is in moderate condition with a fair amount of use. It still has a lot of life left in it. When I received the tent it has about a 1″ tear in the stuff sack which I repair with Zpacks repair tape. The cord lock was missing from the stuff sack, which I replaced. There was a 4mm hole in the bathtub floor which I repaired with Zpacks repair tape. 6 of the guy lines where thrashed almost completely torn through. I replaced thoses with the guy lines off of my duplex. I put the tent is a condition that I would be comfortable to use. I have bought many items off of this forum over several years. This was the first one that the condition was misrepresented to me. I just want to be 100% honest with the condition of this tent. My duplex has approximately 40-50 nights on it. The fabric is still shiny. The fabric on this Triplex is dull compared to my duplex, that is how I can tell is has more use. It also has some sap stuck to the outside in various places. 


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