[WTB] Durston X-Mid Tent + Some Clothes + a Lot of Smaller UL Items

GEAR LIST (more info below)

tent: Drop + Dan Durston X-Mid Tent 1p, 28oz (with ground stakes and guylines)

pad: Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite SOL Short, 10oz

pot: TOAKS Titanium 750ml Pot, 3.9oz

spork: OUTXE Titanium Long Handle Spork, .53oz

stove: Vargo Triad (titanium alcohol stove), 1.02oz

whistle: EDC Titanium Emergency Whistle, .17oz

trekking poles: Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles – 3K Carbon Fiber, 16oz

headlamp:  360, 1.9oz

trowel: UST U-Dig-It Light Duty Aluminum Shovel, .64oz

:  XL, 8.8oz

gaiters: Dirty Girl gaiters, 1.27oz

: Buff brand lightweight merino wool, 1.7oz

baselayers: something fleece (maybe polartec?), top and bottom together under 9oz

rain jacket: still looking for suggestions, under 7oz

rain pants: still looking for suggestions, under 5oz


Hey everyone,

I’m a day hiker who wants to start going on some longer hikes. I’m trying to buy basically all of my gear secondhand, not just because it’s cheaper but also because I try to live as zero-waste as possible and would like to avoid creating brand new things that will eventually go to landfill when there is used gear out there that works just as well. Below is a list of everything I’m looking for, however if you’re selling something similar (i.e. different brand etc.) that is the same weight or lighter than what I’ve listed feel free to send it my way.

Sizes: Woman, 5′ 4″, 112lbs, basically a women’s small in everything.

Again, if you’ve got something similar that’s the same weight or lighter I’m still interested.

I will be marking things as “bought” as I accept offers, so if it’s not marked I’m still interested.

Let me know if I need to change something about the post/if I broke any rules or anything. Happy trails!