FS MLD Duomid SIL & Solomid XL DCF inner net both 2020 models Brand New

For Sale: Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD) Duomid in SIL, with single pole connector, Dual pole connector in carbon (does not have the jacks, ie the line with the two caribiners) and tent guy lines.  Duomid has been Seam Sealed by MLD.  MLD Solomid XL inner net in DCF, with shock cord lines.  Both are the newer 2020 models, bought by me directly from MLD in 2020, brand new, not set up or slept in.
Paid $320 for the Duomid, $245 for the Solomid XL, $25 for Dual pole connector for total of $590.00  Selling for $485.00 shipped CONUS via PayPal only and I’ll cover the fees.