FS: Mountain Laurel Designs Spirit 28 Quilt Large – up to 6′

I found the invoice on this, ordered it on October 18, 2018.  It’s a synthetic apex climashield insulation, olive green fabric on the outside, listed as black on the inside.  I used this in my hammock about 3 times.  It was used only on my own property, not taken on any trips, it’s clean and fresh. When my other favorite quilt maker came out with a synthetic, I had to buy one.  This MLD is not being used enough to justify keeping it, and if I give it my adult kids they’ll wreck it through negligent use.  It is a really nice unit, has a clever footbox plug which is akin to a mini-pillow attached to the quilt, no need to use socks !  I see that in 2019 MLD started using a zipper for the foot box closure, my 2018 model has the velcro.  I rarely undo the foot boxes on my quilts, so I never worked with it.  You can see all the specs on the MLD website. The site says this size Large is good for folks up to 6′ tall, that makes sense to me via use of it. I used it down to 30 degrees F with no issues, I am a warmer sleeper but I only wear mid-weight merino long underwear for sleeping, nothing else. This one is listed at a pretty light for a synthetic 23 oz, my scale confirms that figure.  My invoice shows I paid $245.00 plus $10.00 shipping, or $255.00 total. Looks like price is still the same.  Will sell for $180 shipped, so long as you live in the lower 48 United States. I will ship anywhere else on the planet if we can agree on the rate.  The $180 is for Paypal , if you want to do regular Paypal then add 3.2%, $5.76, totaling $185.76