FS: Cheap C4 cams w/biner, Ohm, Womens Lace Miuras


Prices included shipping

each cam w/ biner is $40 without is $35, yes this includes shipping. Buy all together ---- $100 with biners and $90 without. used and loved, but well taken care of and stored properly. Will send cam lube if you want some. 

.4, .5, .75 

Ohm, used a handful of times, great for kids belaying mom/dad on lead or smaller belayer with bigger lead climber. $70 shipped

Lady Lace Miuras 36 ($60) AND 36.5 ($40) used to love these shoes and now they just don't feel good. The 36.5 have seen more rock time so that's why they are cheaper and the 36's are pretty much brand new with only 3-4 rock days under them.