WTT: Petzl DRY picks for Pur'Ice. FS: G12 crampons $100, alpine draws, more

I have a set of Petzl DRY picks that are filed 1 tooth back, looking to trade for PUR'ICE picks that aren't filed any more than 1 tooth back. If you are interested I can take some pics.

Also for sale are the following (shipping not included, likely cheapest will be USPS Flat Rate padded envelopes for $8): 

Album: goo.gl/photos/9Ley1ebLQorBv…

Grivel G12 crampons, fully automatic bails, nearly new, no wear on picks, paint isn't even worn off. $100

6 Alpine draws: BD neutrino biners, no rope grooves, 10mm dyneema slings. $72 for all

Wild Country 400cm dyneema sling, brand new $20

BD Dyneema 120cm slings, $8 each

4 Omega Pacific Quick draws: $30 for all

2 BD Neutrino quickdraws on Petzl Dog bones $15 for both

2 Web-O-Lettes (also known as Rabbit Runners), 1 is Yates, 1 is Mountain Tools, one is longer than the other. $20 for both

Trango Alpine Equalizer $12

Ladies Boggs size 7 boots, barely worn $50

Album: goo.gl/photos/9Ley1ebLQorBv…


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