FS:TNF Beeline 30F Long; MYOG 210d X-Pack Bag; BeFree & 3L Hydropak Seeker

Gear Closet Clean out: TNF Beeline Sleeping Bag, BeFree, MYOG Pack, Back/Sit Pads

Looking to sell some extra gear. All prices include shipping to CONUS:

TNF 900FP Beeline 30F Long sleeping bag 20oz (20.8 in the stuff sack) – Ultralight alpine style mummy bag with no zipper to minimize weight, similar to the . I’ve taken this comfortably down to the upper 30’s. Its in good condition and has been freshly laundered.  There is some fading of the printed logo on the sleeping bag. Asking $120.

MYOG Pack – Bought from another reddit user who did a great job on it. I’m a big fan of this bag, but just don’t reach for it a ton and would love for someone to enjoy it. Here’s the original description:

Coyote brown. 9.7 oz. Uses 210d X-Pac without the diamond weave for the main body of the pack. The rolltop buckle clips neatly underneath the webbing on the back panel of the pack as shown in the photos. approximate dimensions 10″ wide x 5″ deep x 30″ long and 19″ torso. This is a minimal pack but is very functional as an urban bag or for day hikes. Asking $60.

1L and Hydropak Seeker 3L – 5.5oz together – Would like to sell these together. Both are brand new and have never been used, but do not have original packaging. Purchased new these would go for $45 and $22 respectively. Asking $45 for both.

I’ve also got a couple of sit pads, I think from GG, would be willing to including one with any purchase above.



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