DMM pulley // Mammut Smart // 0.4 BD Cam

Up for grabs!


> $tbd - .4 BD camalot, retrieved from Green Spur. In good shape, but slightly rusty. Was found overcammed and stuck in Eldo.

$10 - Mammut Smart - Belay Device - good device for sport climbing. More comfy than the megajul, less versatile. Similar to the bd pilot. Buy a grigri or vergo if you have the funds, otherwise buy this.

> $30 - DMM Hitch Triple Attachment Pulley (lightly used, lied previously about “never been used”, on account of forgetting the time I tried to hand tow my car out if a ditch with it)


>2 Yates Big Wall Ladders 

$35 individually
$60 as a set

>BD Ascension Jumar - $30

> BD Index Jumar - $30

($55 for both jumars)

$115 for both jumars, both ladders, and the lift

> $30 Camp Lift

> $15 - CAMP Tethys Pulley (similar to dmm one, lightly used, never seen a big wall haul adventure   )

$65 - 70m X 7mm tagline - bought this to make rapping off of seal rock easy, and for potential alpine adventures. Haven't used it nearly enough, so it’s for sale. ~5 years old? Used twice. Not perfectly new. Slightest bit of fuzzing on the sheath, but barely.

Not sure who the manufacturer is. Need to do some analysis and whatnot to remember *exactly* what I purchased 5 years ago or identify it via matching the product. But if you’re seriously interested, ping me and I’ll happily answer any detailed questions. Once I get it deeply sussed, I’ll update here.


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