WTT: EE Revelation TQ 950fill 30deg for 15-20deg in 850 UGQ/Katabatic/HG/EE

So I ended up with a Top Quilt

Temp: 30 deg, Fill: 950, Color: Navy/Charcoal, Only 17.2 oz

Length: Regular (5’6″-6′ Height) (Although I’m almost 6’2″ 190 and it fit well)

Width: Regular (48″-56″ Girth)

I’m finding that I’m a cold sleeper and I’m looking for a warmer quilt and willing to deal with a heavier fill.  Hoping to find a 15-20 deg quilt, Long/Wide and hopefully some overstuff in the feet.  This quilt is like new, lightly used, looking for something similar, 850 down ok.  Would like to try a UGQ or Katabatic Gear quilt but open to considering others. Photos in the next post.