FS: Hennessy Hyperlite, SuperShelter 4-Season, & Overcover

Looking to sell Hennessy Hammock Hyperlite 4-season setup. I’ve slept in the Hyperlite a total of 5 nights. The SuperShelter was used once, and the Overcover has never been used.

The reason I’m selling is because I tried out the longer HH ULB XL and it fits me better (I’m 6’4″). I’m selling this package to upgrade my 10′ hammock setup to an 11′ setup.

HH Hyperlite

  • 1 lb 12oz includes 120″x 59″ 30D nylon with ripstop hammock, 20D hyperlite rainfly, side zipper entrance, side tie-outs, attached zipper no-see-um bug net
  • There is a small slit in the bug net (maybe 3 inches) that has been repaired with a mesh patch. This slit was caused by a knife before the hammock saw any field action. It has held up flawlessly since.
  • HH recommends 6′ height and 200lb weight limit. I’m 6’4″ and 185lb. I slept comfortably all 5 nigths, and didn’t realize I needed a bigger hammock until I tried an 11ft hammock.
  • Retail $260 new

HH SuperShelter 4-Season Insulation System #1 Zip

  • 16.7oz includes ultralight waterproof silnylon undercover, insulation underpad, heat-radiating mylar space blanket, and double sided stuffsack with instructions
  • This system was built for the HH Hyperlite and fits it like a glove. I’ve only used this system once. I used it two weeks ago in the Catskill mountains. Temperatures dropped to the low 40*Fs and I was plenty warm with a 50-30*F sleeping bag.
  • Retail $140 new

HH OverCover #1

  • 3.5 oz includes 30D nylon overcover
  • Never used. From what I’ve read and researched, the OverCover can raise temperatures inside the hammock by around 10 degrees. It just hasn’t gotten cold enough for me to use. I intend on buying the larger version for the 11ft Hennessy Hammocks.
  • Just like the SuperShelter, the overcover is designed to fit the Hyperlite like a glove.
  • Retail $35.00 new

I’m asking $300 for everything shipped. Total weight is right at 3 lbs for this 4-season setup that retails at $435+tax+shipping. Everything is like-new, minus that the bug net has a minor repair.

Lastly, I’ll have pictures up this weekend. PM me and I can get them to you sooner. Thanks!