Wall Gear Cleanup. Double Ledge, Lots of Crabs, Aiders, circle heads, copper, hooks and a VAN

Please be patient, this post will take me a while to finish and mountain project kicks me off if i spend too much time typing. I'll update as often as i can.

My mountain project spiel:
Shipping will be conducted through USPS in flat rate boxes at market rate.  We can discuss shipping when coming up with the final number. 

**Climbing is dangerous. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser or user of any of this equipment to get proper instruction and to act safely and in accordance with the uses and specifications outlined by the manufactures guidelines It is your responsibility to learn how to use the product safely.  That being said, i have no issue climbing on any of this equipment any time. And prices are negotiable in packages and groups!

A5/TNF Large Haul Bag. - SOLD

A5/TNF Double Leadge, expedition fly, seasonal fly - $600 + shipping

2 - yates shorty Screamers - $10/ea

4 - DMM Screamers - $10/ea

ProTrax - with OK locker and locker quickdraw - $80 

Belay Specs - SOLD

Runout customs ladder -pair - SOLD

Yates big wall ladder - pair - SOLD


9.8 Beal Karma 60m good condition - SOLD 

9.5 (3/8"x200') static - white - (hauled one pitch) - SOLD 

Camp Nano Biners - SOLD

BD neutrino - $4/ea

Cypher Carabiners - $3/ea

BD oval wires - SOLD

BD Nitron - $5/ea 

Miscellaneous straight/bent gate ovals/D's - $2/ea all for $70

Yates Big Wall chest harness Medium - $50

Yates double sling rack large - $30

CA Mtn Company Etriers

1-orange, 4 step - $10

Pair Blue/Red, 4 step - $20

Wildthings Etriers red/neon red/green - $20

CCH Alien - Red - Beat up, needs two hands to pull trigger as wire is flimsy. - $25

BCA tracker holster - $10

BD hammer with sling - Four walls - SOLD

Not sure if i should post this last photo. Contemplating about selling this lot, talk to me about pricing. 

Edit*** keeping the beaks for now. As i understand they are quite hard to find at the moment. 

1987 VW Westy Syncro with a 1996 AHU TDI. PM me if you want details. 

7K on new crate motor, rear diff lock, decoupler, full westy package, Led upgrades, BFGs, S.African grill, etc etc.