SOLD: Ti Goat Bug Bivy

FS: Titanium Goat Bug Bivy, size regular.  New condition, tried out at home but not used in the backcountry.  

Top is no-see-em mesh, bottom is forest green sil-nylon.  Left size zip, double zipper opens across chest and down the left side of the bivy.  Weight 6.65oz.  Dimensions 76” chest girth, 48” foot girth, length 87”.  Recommended for height up to 6’0” (turns out my son needs a large…).  Comes with sil-nylon stuff sack.  

From their website: The full bug net top allows for maximum ventilation with no bugs while still protecting your bag or quilt.  The no-see-em mesh will break some wind and the bathtub floor will help reduce drafts for those that use quilts.



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