FF Murre EX 0 regular

Murre ex 0, cost $579 new

Medium size, red color

These bags are great because they have a double baffle collar – one part cinches around your neck, and the other around your face.  The Murre model has extra insulation at the feet for cold sleepers, is wider in the middle for side sleepers, and narrower at the shoulders – that’s what makes it a ‘women’s’ bag.

Perfect condition, like new.  It’s the most comfortable and instantly warm bag I’ve every used. Selling because I don’t camp in cold weather anymore – it’s overkill for me.  I never liked mummy bags anyhow – I usually use quilts.

Always stored hanging up in a closet on a hanger, unstuffed.  I’ve only ever compressed this bag to put it into a backpack, never overnight.


Asking 400


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