FS: Old custom EE quilts

This is kind of an interesting one, at least to me. I have two custom Enl!ghtened Equ!pment quilts, one initially rated at 30 degrees (though by now is probably closer to 40 degrees) and one rated at 50 degrees. The two quilts were part of a 3-part system that included a cuben quilt liner.

All three pieces could be used separately, or in any combination together. But when used in any combination together, there are snaps on each that allow the pieces to snap together so that one doesn’t become separated from the other while tossing and turning at night. I hope that makes sense.

I’ve had these quilts a long time, back when Tim was making custom stuff. I don’t know exactly when I bought them, I don’t keep receipts, but I wouldn’t doubt it might be as far back as 2012. They work as intended. I always thought the idea was kinda neat. The 30 degree quilt has seen a lot of use over the years, it was my primary quilt for, I’d say, probably 5 years. The 50 degree quilt saw some use, generally, of course, in warm weather.

I thought that the 30 degree quilt sustained a small tear at the top during the only time I washed it, which I repaired, but I can’t find it, so maybe I was thinking of another quilt. In any case, there is no down in the container it’s been stored in for quite some time, and none in the sack I stuffed it into to weigh. If you buy it you might want to check yourself.

I’m only selling the two quilts, I still use the cuben liner on really cold trips. I have no idea what the fabric used to make them is.

If I were to buy them, I’d probably add some down to the 30 degree quilt, a couple of ounces perhaps. And they’ve now been loosely stored for a few years, so they could probably use a bath, but I’ll leave that to anyone who buys them.

Since it’s a system, I’m selling them together, not separately. The 30 degree quilt weighs 17 oz, on my cheapo kitchen scale, the 40 degree quilt weighs 10.9 oz.

I have the storage sacks they came with, but not the stuff sacks. I’m sure I can find something to stuff them into for shipping. I do not have the old quilt attachment straps, but I think Tim still sells them. I never used them.

$175 for both quilts, including US shipping.



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