Wooden Holdset, Proceeds go to The Movement for Black Lives

Hey Folks! Want some sick holds for your woody AND to help fight for racial justice? I'm having a silent auction for this set of five holds. All of the proceeds will go to the Movement for Black Lives.
About the holds: These come as a set of five and are made from walnut. Most are fairly positive but these things are smooth! Add a bit of your own creativity/masochism and you'll have a proj that eats away at your soul but leaves your fingertips asking for more.
How to enter: FIVE NUTHIN SUPER EASY! Send me a personal message with your bid and at the end of the week I'll message y'all saying if you won or not. The winner will send me a screenshot of their donation confirmation along with their address and what hardware they'll be using. Whamoo, pretty soon someone's gonna hitting that stained old curb mattress under their home wall, cursing me and my overzealous use of sandpaper.

Super excited to hear from y'all!