FS- Closet Cleaning (clothes, cookware, PIFs)

Cleaning out the closet again, trying to get some unused items to a better home! Costs are shipped CONUS, unless otherwise noted (some PIFs/Free towards the end). Payment via Paypal F&F (or add the 3% for G&S fees plz). Multiple items discounts are an option so let me know what you’re interested in and we’ll make a deal. Ask any questions you like. Thanks for looking!



Simms Solarflex LS sunshirts (Men’s Med) – 5.6oz each, asking $25 EACH, or $45 for BOTH

I am selling TWO of these, one grey, one white. Bought new 1.5 yr ago when moved to FL but they’re cut pretty loose/baggie, so I ended up getting Smalls instead. Excellent condition. Prob wore each 4-5 times before deciding I liked the Small better.

Columbia sun hat (One size) – 2.8oz, asking $12 (what I paid)

Bought off BPL 1.5 yr ago when moved to FL to try a different shade option. Didn’t like how the back of it rubbed my backpack and I get hot w/ any full hat so decided this isn’t the option for me. Excellent condition, wore maybe 5 times.



Coffee maker! Primus 1L pot w/ side burner alcohol stove – 9.5oz, asking $20

In pursuit of better coffee while camping, I tried a French press option. Wasn’t quite what I wanted so passing this along. Bought off BPL just a couple months ago. The stove is a “Cobalt” from Zelph and is brand new, never used. Lit it once for the pic.

Lightest possible boiling, Dr Pepper Can setup – 2.75oz, asking $12

Again, made 100% of this. Stripped down boiling setup, w/ a Ti cone and basic Ti esbit tray. Made this to see how small & light a kit I could make, but don’t use it so want to pass to someone who will.

Flat Cat Ti Epicurean esbit stove – 11g (.4oz) asking $20

Great esbit stove made by the master Jon Fong… not pictured but I’ll include 3 cubes Esbit also. In “high” mode, it’s a rocket that boils water quickly. Flip it over to “Low” mode and it becomes a long simmer or dry baking stove capable of burning a single cube for over 45 min, all for less than ½ an ounce. This is an older thicker Ti version that is VERY sturdy. If you stepped on it by mistake, esp w/ points up, your foot would be the loser in the exchange.


Gram Cracker esbit stove – 3g for stove, asking $10

pic below w/ odds & ends. Brand new never used Gram cracker, w/ 3 esbit cubes. I think this came w/ a pot I bought off BPL a little while back. Already have another Gram Cracker so don’t need two.

Leftover roll of TiGoat titanium foil plus super sturdy metal scissors – $15

Got a couple feet of Ti foil for Christmas a couple years back and have made everything I want to make at this point. This is enough to make a cone or windscreen for smaller mugs (like 700ml or less) or a ton of esbit trays! I’ll include the super beefy scissors I bought specifically for this from a specialty jeweler ($25 alone) that cut the Ti like butter.


Odds & Ends

Any one or two of these items would be FREE if purchasing $25 of stuff already… if you only want something from this list though, let me know and we’ll work out a deal.

Assorted stakes – Vargo Ti nail, (4) 7” stainless spoke stakes, (2) 7” Trail design stakes

Photon mini light (has flashing & solid light version)

Ben’s 100 Max DEET!

Hot lips silicone lip guard

“ToGo Ware” bamboo utensil set

Loose leaf tea bags – pack of 100 (90+ left) – tried using these for coffee but doesn’t work well

Ti Dutch hooks – four w/ mason line loops

“Snake skins” for hammock tarp (or any tarp really??)


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