FS: Petzl Nomics, TNF Ventrix, womens hardshell

1. TNF Ventrix:  Mens small, used as an around town jacket.  No stains, smells, original owner. I tried to take a picture of some very light pilling occurring in one armpit.  $70 shipped

2. Marmot Womens Starfire Hardshell Jacket:  Size medium, one small tear patched on the inside of the front pocket (see pictures).  My fiancee is the original owner, lightly used.  $90 shipped

3. Petzl Nomics: Comes with hammer and adze, no head wobble.  Petzl Pur-ice picks have seen one day of use (tips still have black on them).  The blue is nail polish, it actually looks very well done and it will be easy to distinguish your axes from others.  Happy to send over more pics.  $410 shipped    


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