FS:20F sleeping bags and 1000fp down jacket in China

I wanna buy some sleeping bag and down jacket on china internet platform. But the shipment fee is not cheap. I am thinking maybe someone also interests about it. And I can collect them together grab some stuff to you.


Two items in here:

5D sleeping bag

Fresh 5D fabric outside 15D wrinkled nylon breathable lining inside. YKK No.5 nylon zipper with a rounded alloy slider. Fill 450 grams (16oz)of 800 fluffy RDS white goose down with a total weight of 780 grams(27ounce). The height of the standing lining is 4 cm, which wraps the human structure in three dimensions. According to EN13537 standard. Comfortable temperature 0 to -8 degrees.(length: 6’4″  shoulder wide: 2.62feet  foot wide:1.6 feet)

Including rolling up water-resistant bag.

Ask for 220$



1000FP (so-called I am not sure, maybe same as Montbell and Naturehike product)

pertex 10D fabric ultra light down jacket 1000FP goose down jacket rds down jacket

Cowshed outdoor custom pertex -quantum GL 10D fabric.

YKKVislon No. 5 double-open resin zipper. Filled from the United States

1000 fluffy goose down produced in California ALLIED FEATHER & DOWN factory

Height 168-172 cm 66‘-67’. Weight 60-65 kg suitable for M

Height 172-176 cm 67‘-69’, weight 70-75 kg, suitable for L

Height about 176-180 cm 69‘-71’, weight about 80-85 kg suitable for XL

M size bust 108-length 70. Shoulder width -42. Sleeve length -60. Filling weight 91g

L size bust 116-length 72. Shoulder width-43. Sleeve length -62. Filling weight 98g

XL size Bust 124-Length 74. Shoulder width -45. Sleeve length -64. Filling weight 104g

The red version is pertex-quantum GL 10D fabric and black Toray 12d nylon.

Gray and blue are 15D. (The black Toray and pertex fabrics are coated with fleece fabrics, so they are harder. Dark gray and blue are calendered fleece fabrics, so the fabrics are soft.)

Red and black will not have down penetration

Blue and gray have occasional down penetration,

Because it is related to the fabric. Blue and black are calendered and anti-down, the texture is too soft.

Ask for 140$







Pre-order ask for 30%, after I receive in CA, charge the full money. All the price include the shipment fee and other tax. Extra small fee for my gear addiction.




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