FS or WTT: 2 Hexamid tarps, Zpacks poncho and bathtub groundsheets, and more

Still can’t app unemployment in PA, 9 grants/loan programs so far nothing, need moneys. Also moving in w/bf need to downsize.

Ulgeartrade stuffs hexamids, etc

2 Zpacks hexamids one with beak, one with storm doors. Storm door one- from Jan 2016 bargain bin, came with some pinholes I taped up. 4500 trail miles, still kickin it. Weighed 6.5oz last time around.  ***Pending sale***

Beak one- picked up recently at a used gear store, looked barely used. Older model with old style label. Weighs 4.9 oz- dimensions seem just smaller than the storm door one, IDK why that’s why weight is less?

Asking $210. I will be keeping one of these unless I can do a trade for a hexamid with integrated net- prefer older ~9oz model, will consider the remake. OR someone who wants to DIY something for me (can use the beaked tarp)- hit me up. I don’t have a sewing machine and live by Ticks’ Central out East. Hit me up with a proposition.

S2S nano net with permethrin. Factory treated. About 1500 trail miles in the bag tho barely used. Couple pinholes, doesn’t affect me. Asking $25

Zpacks poncho groundsheet. ~1500 trail miles, used mostly as groundsheet. Solo-plus size. Realized after I bought it I hate ponchos and this thing was YUGE on me. Asking $100

Zpacks bathtub groundsheet. Got it with the beaked hexamid. It had some sand on it otherwise looks barely used. I only opened it to take this picture. Asking $75

Montbell dynamo pants JP M. I’m too hip for these- they don’t fit my curves. Tried on once, back in bag. Asking $40

Underground (Kyle Koppenhaver) 28L pack. His specs: Black 70d pu Coated Diamond ripstop body -Dutch 300d -hyper d 300 -3d mesh -Lycra mesh -Kross buckle -Mara 70 Thread -6.30 oz -16.5 inch torso (no hip belt)

It’s very well made, but is just a smedge small for my kit. Thought to keep it for dayhikes/overnights (I used it on 2 3-mile hikes) but can’t afford to keep 2 bags rn. Asking $80.

All sales include shipping in continental US (contact me for other places). P/P friends and family or add 3%. Thanks for your contribution to my UE/stimulus fund. Prices negotiable but appreciate not to lowball it too much ya know?