[FS] cheap G3 skins, jetboil flash, salewa pack

Skins $30 shipped. Bought from a MP user, but they are too skinny for my skis. They will fit in 174cm 94 underfoot ski perfectly but 108 just don't work. I re-treated with waterproofing. Had them reglued as well with BD glue cus G3 glue sucks. Grip was still reliable in my opinion.

Jetboil $60 shipped. Everything including the self ignition works. Pot is free of rust and dents.

Make me an offer on my pack? I think ~30 shipped would be fine. It's a functional pack that I've carried for many hundreds of miles but I ended up going for something with a side zipper because that's what I always wanted. 26 liters, no suspension, top loading. Decent on route pack as it compresses well. Carries a single rack and a rope under the lid pretty well. 


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