Brand new zpacks arc haul 64 with zippers FOR TRADE

I would like to tade for a used good condition,  4400 in size large. The is a size large. If you are in need of something to go with this trade including some cash let me know what your offer is.

The with zippers is black, waterproof, with waterproof zippers. It has a unique zipper system which allows you to open the main outer zipper to get to the main portion of the pack, the items  are held in place by 2 buckle cinch straps incase you need to get to the bottom of the pack in a hurry. It also has a back zippered pouch which I keep my duplex in and rainwear etc.for quick access in case of sudden weather changes. It also has two side mesh pockets for water storage etc, and plenty of cordage to hold your trekking poles in, or whatever you need cinched to the pack also ample cordage to strap your zlite pad or tent to top or bottom.

I have yet to use the pack, as I encountered an altercation that left me with a fractured very about 6 months ago, but by my filling it over and over I know I have too many luxury items.  I believe the pack only weighs about 22 oz, so it is very ultralight.if it is too big just roll the top down or add extra food, for extended stays. I know the south west 4400, is heavier, but will serve my needs better.  Thanks for your consideration bobby


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