FOR SALE: Nomics, Lynx Crampons, Petzl Screws, Connect Adjusts, Hexes

It's official, the ice season is at it's end and guiding is closing down for the foreseeable future. Help me not starve, please.

Petzl Nomics: Used for two seasons, plenty left to give. These are the most current generation. They're equipped with Pur'ice picks in good condition and come with two brand new Pur'ice picks as well. Included is all of the appropriate hardware and tools, including spares. $400 shipped.

Petzl Lynx: Used regularly for one season with plenty of life. Comes with four extra points, two lightly used, and two brand new. Plus all of the appropriate hardware, spacers, etc. $150 shipped.

Petzl Ice Screws: All used for one season and in great, sharp condition. There is one 22cm, two 17cm, and eight 13cm. $35 each. $380 for all twelve.

Petzl Dual Connect Adjusts: Barely used, practically new. $35 shipped each.
CAMP Tricams: Used lightly, in great shape. Brown, black, and pink. $10 each.
J-snare: $10.

Black Diamond Hexes: Nice range of sizes, brand new. $55 shipped.


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