Ice Climbing Gear, Rope, helmets: Help me unload my minivan!

Petzl Lynx Crampons $150

Black Diamond Express Screws $30/each

Maxim's superlight Airliner 2X Dry 9.1mm 60m Rope: $170

4x Black Diamond Ice Clippers $20

2x Black Diamond Ice Screwup Holder $30

Black Diamond Vapor Helmet S/M $65

Petzl Elia Helmet $30

I'm located in Seattle area, but travel to the Bay Area quite often if you'd rather arrange a meetup than shipping. You pay shipping cost for however quickly you want the gear (I'll share the receipt for you to verify)

The backstory: Got new gear and my minivan can only hold so much stuff.

Petzl Lynx Crampons: plenty of life in them I've actually never sharpened them... Somehow still climbed WI5, so if you sharpen these guys, you'll have solid good crampons.

Express Screws: These guys are all razor-sharp. Can send more photos, but placed maybe 2-3 times max? And I never ground my screws on rock, so they're in as-new condition.
2x 19cm (gray)
5x 16cm (blue)
4x 13cm (yellow)
1x 10cm (red stubby)

Rope: Unpackaged, never used. Doubly-dry treated and super light. Perfect for your ice/mixed crag days or yosemite sending.

4x Black Diamond Ice Clippers: served me well. I transitioned to metal versions for gear-testing purposes.

2x Black Diamond Ice Screwup Holder: I just never really used these and dump my screws into a crampon bag instead. Probably not the optimal way to store screws, but I'm lazy.

Black Diamond Vapor Helmet: got new helmets for testing, don't have a use for these anymore, cause 4 helmets in one car is at least 2 too many. I LOVE this helmet. It's magical and feels like you have nothing on your head. Two small dings from some head jamming I did, but no falling-rock impact.

Petzl Elia Helmet: The original helmet with a pony-tail holder. I even drew an octopus on it. Don't use it, so I'd rather some rad chick climb with it!


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