LOTS of cams, stoppers, and hexes cheap

I have a bunch of cams I just don't use. None have taken any big falls, all have been weighted. Most are in good shape and I would feel comfortable falling on any of them, with the exception of the Camalot #2. Buyer pays actual flat rate shipping and associated transaction fees. I have venmo and paypal.
It's all priced pretty fair, but I'm open to negotiations on multiple pieces, and open to trades. Looking for synthetic and wool sleeping bag liners, rope marker,  Garmin GPSMAP series device that I would be willing to kick money back for. But open to anything.
Can send more pictures of certain gear if needed. Thanks for looking.

Kailas and totem offsets- $35 each SOLD
DMM 1/2- $30    (This falls somewhere between a BD .1 and .2)
HB Wales quadcam .2  $25  (This is the same as a .2 by DB)

BD X4 offsets -$40 each
BD yellow C3 -$50

.5 and .75 camalot -$25
.75 C4 -30
#2 camalot -$15

KPOC cams (popular brand in russia)
2 Purple (BD .5) $25
3 Blue (BD .75) $25
2 Green (BD #1) $25
Yellow (BD #2) $20
Blue (between a BD #2 and #3) $30

BD wired hexentric 1-5- $20

Wild Country Rocks 1-10 - $30

BD Hexentrics 4-10, doubles in 4 and 5. $5 a piece, $35 for the lot

Grab bag of 23 other nuts ranging from DMM micro zero to BD 13. whole lot for $50