FS: EE quilt, 20° Enigma, Regular/Wide

Enigma. 20°,850 DownTek, Regular length, wide width, with sewn foot box. Aegean Blue 20d outer shell, 10d Forest green inner. This is a couple of years old and doesn’t have as much down in it as new ones do. Total weight is 20.45. New 20° regular/wide Enigmas with 850 down now weigh 22.23 according to the website. $200 shipped conus PayPal g&s (I’ll absorb the fee)

I’ve had it for a couple of years and only used it a handful of times, always with base layers and socks. It looks like new, and has no tears, rips, holes, stains or funky smells.

Included is cotton storage bag (which it has always been stored in), Silnylon Stuff Sack, 2 Elastic Straps (One Straight, One Loop)




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