Aid Climbing Gear: offset aliens, link cam, totem cam, pikac, mini traxions, etc.


Most of the stuff that I'm selling is in new or like new condition. All is in at least good condition.
You pay shipping; Let me know what and how much you want and I'll get you a shipping total. Basically it's whatever I can fit into a flat rate shipping box.

Offset Aliens (placed 2-4 times, no falls) All for $150 or
-Yellow/Red Offset $40
-Green/Yellow Offset $40
-Blue/Green Offset $40
-Black/Blue Offset $40

SOLDWild Country Zero - yellow
Metolius Quad Cam - Purple:  $25
Link Cam - Yellow:  $70  (Placed twice, no falls)
Totem Cam - Yellow:  $70 (placed ones, no falls)

Camp Quick LInks - 7x for $12
Camp Steel D Carabiner- $5  (Good for solo aid connection to belay device)
Camp Steel D Ring - $6 (Good for solo aid connection to belay device)
SOLD Camp Nano 23 carabiners

Pika Hook -- $15
SOLD Small BD Peckers -- 5x #1 and 1x #2

SOLDMoses Rivet Hangers:
SOLD-5/8" Rivet Hangers (6x):  
SOLD-5/16" Rivet Hanger:

Mini Traxions -- $45 ea or two for $85

SOLD Fish Cool Jerk (Funkness):

SOLD Assorted pitons (bugaboo, lost arrows, angles, knifeblades): 


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