Petzl and BD ice axes

Buyer pays $10 for shipping or local pick up in Las Vegas
Petzl Aztar - $135 per tool
Charlet Moser Aztar Tool features:
  • Gently curved shaft for performance and a reverse-curve (easier hooking and precise, no-knuckle-bashing placements) pick penetrates ice solidly.
  • The straight bottom allows shaft to be plunged into snow for use as an anchor.
  • Thin, forged pick features a reverse-curve design for solid performance in hard, water ice.
  • Ergo grip handle allows countless hours of comfort, sits well in your hand with each throw
  • A great tool for steep ice and mixed climbing.
  • One-piece head construction with a hammer thats incorporated into the head which makes the tool lighter, and easier to swing.
  • The pick can still be replaced or exchanged.
  • The shaft is less radically bent than some others, providing a natural grip while still giving clearance over obstacles.
  • Comes with the Petzl Freelock leash, which locks down automatically and opens with a sideways sweep of the hand.
  • Comes with the Blue Ice Pick. It is B-rated not as strong as thicker, T-rated picks, but thinner for easier penetration and less ice displacement. Can also accept the optional Quatro Pick, which is T-rated thicker and stronger than B-rated picks, but displaces more ice.
  • These are great all around tools for anything w/ steep snow/alpine ice up to moderate WI, which is what they were designed for. Very light and swing well. The tool, IMO is very well designed. A great tool for mixed climbing if you can climb light, even on the B-rated picks.
  • If you want to add a hand rest to the tool, it's well documented, link here:

Black Diamond Reactor Ice Tool $160 per tool
  • Leashless ice tool design with sticky thermoplastic urethane grip offers high performance on medium to steep waterfall ice and alpine terrain
  • Grip geometry keeps the hand-to-pick angle constant, which minimizes pick shifting during traverses, de-pumping, or when matching tools
  • Optimal clearance shape allows for solid placements
  • Aluminum reinforced pommels feature teeth for extra holding power to fight fatigue and protect hand from bashing and bruising
  • Leash and clip-in holes at head and pommel to prevent loss of tool en route
  • Chromoly steel Laser pick has a thinner nose and body to penetrate more easily and displace less ice for secure placements
  • Stainless steel head and 7075-series aluminum shaft combine for lightweight but durable power on ice and mixed routes
  • Curved shaft adds graceful reach for hooking cauliflower ice, precise striking on steep columns and nailing scratchy slopers on your project
  • An ideal companion for mixed climbing, waterfall ice and drytool classic


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