Hennessy Hammock Scout Setups

I have a close friend that is starting to become a yearly BWCA traveler with his two younger sons. They really have a strong passion for getting into hammocking so I was able to get the father into a bridge system with tarp and under quilt but not having children myself, have nothing to offer the boys. They are homesteaders that run a CSA so not a lot of extra cash. I was going to pick up 2 Scout Zip setups from Hennessy to get them started, not very expensive and they do have pads and sleeping bags at this time. So I thought I'd check here first to see if anyone had a set laying around that their child had out grown etc, to save a little cash. I'm mostly looking for the set (stock tarp, hammock, webbing) to keep it simple, and the cost low. I did have a spare 11 x 10 that I gave him for a community tarp so if anyone just had the scout hammock itself that wanted to part with, that would be awesome and save a little on at least one set. Thankee!


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