FS Mountaineering tents: EB Katabatic, MH EV2

Need to clear some shelf space in the gear closet, these need a good home. If nobody here wants them, they'll go on consigment at OGE.

If you want to pick these up from me in Burlington, $50 off.

EB Katabatic $400 shipped CONUS 
This is the original model that they've now redesigned (and increased the price).

Reason for selling: due to first world problems/privileges/responsibilities I don't currently have a use for a proper expedition tent. I have lighter tents that I use for short trips and realistically I'm not heading out if the short term forecast is bad so I don' t need anything this robust. If you're going on a long trip, pulling a sled/using a pack animal, getting dropped off by plane at a remote base camp, this thing is awesome. You could also use it for winter car camping. I personally can't see myself hauling it very far on my back, but a lot of you are way more badass. It's an absolute bombshelter that you can comfortably live out of if you get stuck in a storm. This is the one you would park at 14k on Denali waiting for your weather window. It's comparable to the "standard" expedition tents ie MH Trango 3 or TNF VE25...maybe even a little more bomber as it has 2 extra poles. I don't buy EB gear typically but this is one of the few exceptional products they make IMO; I bought it instead of the more popular ones mentioned.

The tent is in good shape and totally functional. I've only used it on a couple of trips (~1 week each). Two minor issues for full disclosure:

1. The tent came from the factory with 1 wrong clip (it uses bigger D clips where two poles cross, at one crossing it has a single clip). I needed it for a trip so I just replaced it with something I found online; I never could get a replacement clip from EB despite begging several different reps. I'm no engineer but functionally I don't think it makes a difference, the factory D clips just loosely keep the poles together. I attached pictures.

2. The guy out point for the front of the vestibule (this isn't that critical structurally, the webbing that attaches the fly to the tent corners is much beefier) was ripped. My buddy got a little too eager digging it out of some frozen snow at the end of a trip and snagged it with his ice tool. I sewed the loop closed and then sewed it back onto itself. I've pulled on it just about as hard as I can and it's not coming apart. My sewing isn't as pretty as the Asian seamstress who made it (that's an understatement, I suck!). If you're handy you could certainly trim it and make it look nice.

Unless something has changed in the last couple of years, gear is one of few things that (frustratingly!) isn't eligible during the periodic Eddie Bauer 40%/50% off fire sales. With that said you can find the latest model Katabatic 3P discounted for ~$530-560 online currently on eBay or Moosejaw. I think my price is fair but if that extra ~$150 isn't critical to you then buying new may be appealing depending on your sensibilities.

Here it is in its element.

Factory D clip.

Replacement clip/improper factory clip.

Vestibule guy-out factory vs repair.

MH EV2 $450 shipped CONUS 
Reason for selling: I have too many tents and I typically use lighter shelters for the short trips I'm currently condemned to by my career. This thing is bomber and got generally positive reviews. It's a pretty unique design and it's a shame they stopped making it. Because of the integrated "vestibule" it's ideal for 6+ footers who struggle to fit in the usual single wall alpine tents. It's heavier but you do get a more bomber tent (3 poles instead of 2, more guyouts) and it's more livable as far as single wall tents go; it has windows and the Xpac fabric lets a good bit of light through. It also has a relatively functional venting system for a single wall shelter (multiple vents in the roof/front) but obviously as with all single wall shelters condensation is a struggle. I have no action shots - I've only used it twice and the weather sucked. This one is in good shape, no issues. If you're tall and and going after some classic Cascades mountaineering routes this would be a good tent. Obviously there are lighter and/or less bomber (tarp, floorless pyramids) as well as heavier and/or more bomber (double wall expedition tent, see above) options, it's personal preference. I personally wouldn't use a tiny single wall tent for 3-season camping or prolonged base camping, but it's up to you.




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