Tri-fuel Ti-Cone & 1L Imusa pot with fire & baking

Selling a super versatile, yet compact cook kit that I just don’t use much anymore. Pared down, this is a lightweight super efficient water boiler for alcohol or esbit (~6oz). Bring the works and you’ve got a very capable winter baking & wood burning kit (~14oz). Or mix and match in between.

Basically every piece of this is something I made from scratch or modified from original. All actual cone parts are titanium, and accessories are Ti or stainless steel. I bought the Ti from Ti Goat about 3 years ago. The stakes were either Ti or SS bike spokes (can’t remember). The wood-fire floor screen is from a stainless steel kitchen sieve. NO STOVES included, though it works great w/ a Kojin, Zelph Starlyte/Modified or the Flat Cat Epicurean for baking w/ esbit.

Kit Includes –

1L Imusa pot w/ AL insulated lid – rigid handle was cutoff and new folding handles installed (made of Ti bike spokes). Handles are very sturdy even when pot is completely full of water.

Titanium split-style cone w/ bike spoke pins (Ti or SS?) to lace two sides together. Cone nests upright in the Imusa mug, or the plastic mug, so takes up very little space.

Titanium wood burning insert w/ titanium spacer to hold stainless steel mesh floor off the ground and Ti or SS bike spoke stakes to hold pot up higher for wood burning. Again, the insert nests w/ the other parts of the cone.

Fat Daddio AL baking dish, sized to fit perfectly inside Imusa pot.

-up-cycled plastic jug “mug” that slides perfectly inside the baking dish. Mug is approx 600ml.

-Reflectix “double” pot cozy, w/ slits in the bottom piece to allow handles to be unfolded still

-silnylon myog stuff sack that holds it all together nicely

This style setup would run well over $150 total ($130 cone, $40 wood burning, $20-30 for baking dish, cups, stuff sack, etc). I’m only asking half that at $75, shipped to ConUS via PayPal F&F (or add 4% for fees).

Here are some more pics.

Older pic where I had a Ti “ribbon” to lace the two sides together. Now its the stake.

The weight of just the pot, lid and split cone if you were going to boil w/ alcohol or esbit (stove weight NOT included) is just over 6oz.


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