Quick Sale, Low Prices - New Petzl Rope, Black Diamond Firstlight Tent, Patagonia Down

Hello MP,

I am leaving the country this week and in a last minute pinch for some extra cash I am hoping to unload some gear fast. Preferably shipping to the US, all items include shipping and will be shipped with USPS. Please reach out with any questions or offers. More pictures available upon request.

1.) Petzl Volta 9.0 - 50m - $160

I purchased this rope in May and it has spent 98% of the time hanging in my closet. I carried this rope for two days on Mt. Shasta but due to weather we were never able to access the glaciated terrain I planned on using it for. Never even uncoiled. Rope is in almost brand new condition minus a few dusty spots from the two day excursion.

2.) Black Diamond Firstlight 2p Tent - $190

This is a great lightweight tent for mountaineering adventures. Purchased brand new in April. I used this tent for a total of 7 nights on Mt. Shasta this summer. I am really pleased with this tent overall but I decided to upgrade to a BD Eldorado going forward. One of the velcro straps that hold the poles in place has come slightly unstitched which is pictured. Stitching doesn’t effect the tents structure at all, it is a central strap and I happily used it for 3 nights after I noticed the stitches with no issue. Tent was not seam sealed but does come with the BD provided sealing kit, all poles and stakes as well as a BD ground cloth.

3.) Patagonia Synthetic Down Jacket - Medium - $35

Jacket has been taken on many adventures and shows it’s use. That being said the jacket is still really warm and perfect for sticking at the bottom of a bag for an extra layer. See pictures for wear and tear.