Gossamer Gear THINLIGHT FOAM PAD – 1/8" For Sale Unused

Cleaning out gear closet.  Pad is pictured with the Nightlight Sleeping Pad, which is for sale in a separate post.  Asking $10.00 for Thinlight pad plus $9.00 shipping.  If you buy both pads, I will still only charge $9.00 for shipping.  See Gossamer Gear for more details regarding the pad.
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The Gossamer Gear Thinlight Foam Insulation Pad can be rolled and placed either inside the pack or on top (where it can be held under the closure for instance). The 1/8″ pad will fold up to fit into the back of our larger packs, providing a super-minimalist pad.

Being so versatile, makes our insulation pads a favorite for ultralight backpacking and camping! Our thinnest pad at 1/8″ weighs much less than even a deck of cards. While even our thickest sleeping pad is less than half the weight of most foam sleeping pads. These add almost no weight to your pack, are compact, and can be folded and bended into any form without losing their integrity. It is important to pair it with our a polycryo ground cloth for maximum efficiency from the cold ground.

If you own an ultralight backpacking air mattress, then it should be an indispensable part of your kit – an air mattress alone might slip and slide and leave you freezing from convective heat loss. Place a Thinlight foam insulation pad on top of or underneath your air mattress to prevent sliding and provide insulation. Also makes a quick and easy camp seat.

This tri-fold foam pad is used on its own as a sleeping pad or as an addition, to increase our backpacks rigidity.

Designed for ultralight backpacking and thru hikers. Simply fold this pad up in the morning and store it in one of our backpack sleeves. It adds almost no weight to your pack and doubles as a back-pad. This provides stability and comfort for your hike and then cushioning and insulation for when you sleep. Everything on your back should have as little weight and as much function as possible.

These pads are made with a unique high pressure nitrogen gas solution process. High quality extrusions and cross-linking of solid polymeric sheets are impregnated with pure nitrogen gas at elevated temperature and extremely high pressure. Then the impregnated solid sheets are expanded in a huge low pressure autoclave. This process results in an extremely regular and uniform cell structure in the foam.


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